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In various studies it has been found that employees are more productive in a clean workplace and due to the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, cleanliness is now more important than ever. Office cleaning is very important because you don’t want yourself or your employees/clients getting sick. When the office is clean, sanitized and deodorized you will feel safe and comfortable when working in it. Cleaning your office will also ensure that your clients enjoy coming to your office to consult and purchase the product. Cleaning the facility yourself or having employees do the task often times becomes unbearable so ensure that you hire a professional commercial cleaning company to fulfill your cleaning needs. Hiring professionals like us who specialize in office cleaning is the best solution for business cleaning services.

Office cleaning services is our niche but we also offer a variety of other quality cleaning services like Healthcare Facility Cleaning, Medical Office Cleaning, Dental Office Cleaning, Commercial Bathroom Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Disinfecting Services and House Cleaning (Move in/Move out ONLY). We clean Urgent Care Centers, Pharmacy’s, Hotels, Banks, Warehouses, Retail, Schools, Banks, Churches and other types of commercial properties. For these services the use of soap and water will not ensure total cleanliness of your home or office so we use eco-friendly products proven to eliminate the toughest germs. We also provide cleaning supplies and products needed to clean your home or office.

Most of our potential/existing clients have had trying experiences with local cleaning services with one or more commercial cleaning companies and that’s why here at Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago we believe in providing a high quality cleaning service, customer service and convenience. *We have a 24/hr. Client portal for potential/existing clients. Through the client portal clients can schedule a call or walkthrough. Book House Cleanings. Upload documents, photos relevant to cleaning, make payments and message us at your own convenience. 

A commercial cleaning company like us with innovative commercial steam cleaning technology will ensure that your office is cleaned efficiently. We will also ensure that the cleaning tools are used safely and effectively. The tools that we use Can kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria including MRSA, Ecoli and S. Aureus, as well as mold species such as Aspergillus niger and other harmful germs and bacteria. We also use commercial vacuums, other tools and final walkthroughs for best possible results.

Hire a commercial cleaning company like us that offers insurance when doing your cleaning. By doing so you ensure that your documents are safe and the office is covered in case of any needed repairs. After hours you can trust our trained, experienced and uniformed staff to clean, sanitize and deodorize your office.

*We also adhere to CDC guidelines during cleanings. All staff are vaccinated but are required by the company to wear masks and social distance for client and employee safety.

*For Service Inquiries contact us by phone or click “Get a Quote” below or in the above menu. Submit details and a representative will be with you ASAP to discuss your cleaning needs.


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Office cleaning services

One time, weekly, bi-Weekly, monthly janitorial services.

Healthcare services

One time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly janitorial services.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Deep Cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms.

Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Services available 24/7 through self service customer portal.

Post Construction Cleaning

1 Time Deep Cleaning of commercial or residential property.

Disinfecting Services

Disinfecting of all touchpoints throught home or facility.
Pricing Plan

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How we work:

Potential clients can inquire for services with us in a variety of ways. Calling and speaking with a representative about your cleaning needs is the fastest way to book a house cleaning or schedule a walkthrough for your home or office. 

Rather inquire online? No problem! Click “Get a Quote” and answer onboarding questions and a representative will call asap to speak with you about your cleaning needs. If inquiry is after 5pm expect a call or SMS the following morning between 9:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon. 

At Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago we also offer a 24/7 Client Portal where potential and existing clients can book house cleanings, schedule phone calls/walkthroughs for residential or commercial cleanings, upload documents/photos relevant to the project, make payments and message us at their own convenience.


All walkthroughs are free and are performed by experienced project managers.

At the walkthrough the project manager will go over all of your cleaning needs/scope of work and a quote will be made onsite. All quotes are based upon service request, square footage and condition of request. At Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago we offer the most affordable cleaning prices in chicagoland so be sure to be very detailed as to what you need done during the walkthrough for the most accurate quote possible.


Invoices are sent to the email address of the payer.

Click “Pay” to access the client portal for secure payment.

We accept Credit/Debit

Service Agreement:

Our Service agreements state what services are being performed, by whom the services are being performed by and the dates/times of service.

Attached to the Service agreement will be a copy of the company’s insurance for your records.

The Cleaning:

C&R Cleaning Services provides all products, tools and equipment for all cleaning projects unless client (s) request otherwise.


Our employees are vaccinated and wear uniforms.

The number of employees on a cleaning site depends on scope of work and availibility.

At Cheap Office Cleaning Chicago we want to get you the most affordable cleaning price possible so pricing is based upon which service is needed, square footage, and condition of request.

Contact us to schedule a walkthrough with one of our experienced project managers for an onsite quote.

*Pricing below are examples of pricing, Actual pricing varies.

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