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Post Construction Cleaning

New commercial/residential post-construction cleaning is a thorough cleaning of a new facility. Large debris will be removed and placed into the site’s waste receptacle. Any stickers still remaining will be removed. This service will provide a detailed cleaning of the kitchen, restrooms, living areas, bedrooms, cleaning of the baseboards, plumbing fixtures, interior cabinets, interior windows and frames, exterior ground-level windows and frames, mirrors, and spot cleaning/dusting of the walls as necessary. Floors will be swept and wet-mopped. All carpeted areas will be vacuumed.

After the dust settles, you can trust C&R Cleaning Services team to bring out the brilliance and shine in your building project. Let us transform your post-construction site into a clean and beautiful office, workplace, or residence.

If you’re planning a commercial or residential construction project in the chicagoland area call C&R Cleaning Service for comprehensive post construction cleaning services. We’ll come in once the construction is complete and make sure all the dust, debris and construction leftovers are cleaned up so you can safely enjoy your new addition or project.

Service Overview

One time deep cleaning of commercial or residential property. Prices vary depending on size, condition and scope of work.

2-4 cleaners depending on size, condition and scope of work.

We use eco-friendly products and new heavy duty micro fiber towels.
Innovative commercial grade eqipment.
Final Inspection for quality control.

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